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Tahini Dressing and Recipe

Of all the nut and seed butter, sesame seed butter is the most famous vegan recipe around the world. Whether you will eat it up straight or mix in other ingredients, it will always taste amazing. With tahini paste, it will put fireworks to your dishes. It’s one of the easiest spread to make at home or wherever you are. It’s creamy and rich flavour kind of taste. Here are some tahini dressing and recipe you can try.


And most of us like to dip and pair our dishes and snacks with a dressing. We feel like it will taste better and will have an interesting variety of taste in our palate.


Tahini Dressing and Recipe


Here are types of dressings mixed with tahini paste that you will surely love in every bite.

Spicy Lemon Pepper Dressing

It’s a dip that suits your finger foods and other fresh vegetables and salads.


  •         ¼ tsp of any spices or herbs you like
  •         ½ cup roasted tahini paste
  •         1 tsp black pepper
  •         1-2 tsp of lemon zest
  •         3 tbsp of either water or non-dairy milk (any)
  •         A juice from one fresh lemon
  •         A pinch of salt


  •         In your blender, mix all these ingredients. Blend them thoroughly until smooth and creamy.
  •         You can add more herbs and spices according to your preference.
  •         Store in a air-tight jar. You can store I up until one week.  


I’m sure, you’ll this dressing, you will want to make it over and over again. It’s simple, easy, and of course, tasty. Just follow these simple steps, and make sure you have fresh ingredients.


This is just one of dressing recipes you can choose from. You can choose between non-spicy, a bit spicy or real spicy flavoured dressing.  Try them out on your favourite snack, dish or salads. Share them to your friends and family and let them ask for more dressing!


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