Saturday, July 20

Tahini at Walmart

We buy most of our stuff at Walmart: food, cleaning materials, utensils, toiletries, ingredients, and of course, tahini. The problem that most of us face though is Walmart stores are so big that it is difficult to find things that we want to buy. So, where can you find tahini at walmart?


Who doesn’t know Walmart? Impossible! They also have their own humble beginnings. It’s a multinational retail company in United states of America. They are handling huge grocery stores, hypermarkets, and discount stores, too.


Sam Walton was the founder and his company have grown bigger and bigger not only in America but all over the world. It is listed in New York Stock Exchange in the year of 1972. It’s a successful business in China, in United Kingdom, and Southern America but it failed to fly high in South Korea, and Germany.


This company started to be a small store which offers big discount for their customers. I think this is where we got the idea of buying something in bulk; we can buy them in a much discounted price. And now it had grown into a very big company which everyone knows.


In Walmart’s grocery store, by categorizing them, it will be easy for you to find what you’re looking for. These categories are:


  • Meals solutions, Grains, and Pasta – here you can find boxed meals, tuna foods, condiments, spices and sauces, pasta and noodles, grains and rice, emergency foods, dried beans, and sauces.
  • Snack, Cookies, and Chips. – nuts and trails mixes, cookies, crackers, popcorn, dips and spreads, snack and granola bars, jerky, fruit snacks, pretzels, dried fruits, dried veggies, pudding, and gelatine.
  • Beverages – juice, water, tea, coffee, sports drink, energy drink, milk and cream, soft drinks, powdered mixes and drinks, beer, wine, hot cocoa, soda, and drink enhancers.
  • Coffee – single-serve cups and pods, ground coffee, whole bean coffee, creamers and syrups, coffee filters and supplies, ready to drink coffee, cold coffee, and instant coffee.
  • Candy and Gum – chocolates, gummy and chewy candies, hard candies and lollipops, mints, gums, variety of sweets, single or multi packs, and candy gifts, too.
  • Baking – oil and shortening, mixes, sugar, sweeteners, frostings, toppings, decorations, flours, chips and bars, food extracts and colouring, powder and soda, yeast, canned and powdered milk, coatings and butters, and pie fillings.
  • Breakfast and cereal – cold cereals, breakfast bars, oatmeal and hot cereals, toaster pastries, pancake and waffle mix, granola and muesli, grits, on-the-go nutrition, frozen breakfast food, syrups and sweeteners.
  • Fresh food –bakery and bread, dairy products like eggs and cheese, deli, meat, sea foods, poultry products, and vegetables and fruits
  • Organic foods – all organic and natural sweeteners, beverage, cream, dressings, etc.
  • Gluten-free foods – all variety and kinds of food that is gluten-free like your favourite pasta, drinks, pancakes, creamer, coffee, and a lot more.
  • Gifts
  • Emergency food
  • Frozen foods – ice cream, frozen dinner meals, pizza, vegetables, dessert, sea foods, breakfast foods, appetizers, meat, rolls and food wrappers.


Walmart has its own website where you can order your goods online if you’re lazy to drag yourself to the physical store. Well, everything is high0technology nowadays and social media is another way to improve the market figures. Since everyone loves internet and everywhere WiFi is available, online shopping became popular because it’s more convenient for both lazy and busy people. They also have gift cards for their lucky customers. You can pay cash or credit card in Walmart’s physical store, and if you shop online then you can transfer money using your credit card.


They will deliver your goods in a couple of hours or days, it depends where on earth you are located. And if you have concerns regarding your goods or Walmart’s service, they do have a tech support to help you out with your concern.


And finding tahini in Walmart? You can either find it in Meals Solution section, Organic section, or in the Gluten-free section.