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Tahini at Target

When you think of tahini, you can think of having to pick the best sesame seeds. And that is somehow hard to do when you have no idea how to pick the perfect one. so, we opt to buy ones at the stores, and one of those is target. So, where can one find tahini at Target?


Target Corporation is one of the largest discounted-store retailers in United States of America. But they weren’t able to make it in the top ten (10) largest around the world. George Dayton founded this company and built it in Minnesota.


Its first name was Goodfellow Dry Goods in 1902, renamed to Dayton’s dry Goods Company in the year 1903; and in 1910 became Dayton Company. Later in 1969 J.L Hudson Company merged with them and it turned into Dayton-Hudson Corporation.


And Target was one of the divisions in this corporation. It has the highest earn among all divisions. And as time went by, it expanded. It is Walmart’s rival and it’s a bit pricey compared to Walmart.



Tahini at Target


They have twenty-six departments in Target stores. Here is the list:


  1. Target Finds – express yourself and look for what’s latest in here.
  2. Clothing -teenagers, men, and women’s clothing are here.
  3. Shoes – different brands and the newest designs
  4. Accessories – available accessories from head to toe
  5. Baby – shop baby’s clothes and necessities here
  6. Home – home tools and things needed, you can find it here
  7. Kitchen and Dining – kitchen tools and utensils, as well as dining set
  8. Furniture – simple and elegant upholstery available to choose from
  9. Patio & Garden – need tools for upgrading and beautifying your garden? Look here.
  10. Electronics – gadgets and devices for home or personal use
  11. Movies, music & books – spend your weekend watching movie or express what you feel with music, or spend a quiet time reading your new found book in target
  12. Video games – psp games, minecraft, and a lot more to choose from
  13. Toys – perfect for holiday gifts to your kids, niece, and your child’s friend
  14. Sports & Outdoors – out for mountain trekking? Be fully equipped and gather them here,
  15. Luggage – traveling abroad? You gotta need a durable travel bags for your Europe trip
  16. School & Office Supplies – another school year is coming, bring your kids here and let them shop what school supply they like because school is cool.
  17. Beauty – skin care products
  18. Personal Care –be hygienic wherever you are and whatever you do
  19. Health – live a healthy life style to enjoy life, because health is wealth
  20. Food and Beverage – grocery store isn’t complete without them
  21. Household essentials – our house needs to be tidy all of the time, so remove, cleand, and redecorate
  22. Pets – essentials and necessities for your fur friends
  23. Party Supplies – customize birthdays in an affordable price
  24. Clearance – items on sale are here
  25. Gift finder – it’s totally hassle to think what is an appropriate gift for a certain occasion, pick them and wrap them up
  26. Holiday Shop – shops which have specific holiday theme.

And sad to say, Target grocery stores don’t sell any brand names of tahini pastes, unlike Walmart. You can’t even find them in the Food and Beverage section. Tahini is a popular condiment all over the world but it is surprisingly unavailable in Target. This is a flexible and versatile  ingredient but they don’t sell this condiment after all. If you can’t find it also in other stores, it’s better to make your tahini paste at home.

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Tahini at Target
Target is one of the largest shop in USA. It's no wonder they are also selling tahini in their shops.