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Does Tahini Spoil?

We all love tahini and sometimes, or if not most of the time, we buy too many tahini. And it can’t be helped, since tahini’s nutty, bitter, and sweet taste is mind boggling.The question then comes into mind, does tahini spoil? Can we store tahini for a long period of time? How would you know that your tahini is already spoiled? And if we can, how can we store tahini properly?


Does Tahini Spoil?


Every food lover will often find themselves in a dilemma of knowing if a certain food will spoil. They often ask themselves, does this or that spoil? And tahini lovers are not excluded for this dilemma. Does tahini spoil, they ask. Well, the answer to that is, yes, tahini does spoil.

This creamy and delicious paste is made of sesame seeds. Sesame seeds come from dried out pods of sesamum indicum. They come in different varieties and of course, different textures and flavours. While there are many uses for tahini, people sometimes can’t use all of it. And at times, a jar of tahini would stay in the refrigerator or storage area longer than necessary.


Can we store tahini for a long period of time?


Most tahinis are organic, as they are usually taste natural and is the healthier option. People who opt for organic should be wary though, as they don’t have preservatives and stabilizers. Most organic tahini can last up to 6 months, or sometimes less.

Though some tahini manufacturers claim that their tahini can last a year or longer in the fridge, it still advisable that you’d consume it as soon as you’ve opened it. Some would even say that tahini can lasts up to a decade. Well, that is ridiculous. People should always remember that food can go rancid even if our noses can’t detect it. Some food experts even believe that even inorganic tahini should be consumed within 6 months after opening.


Does Tahini Spoil


How would you know that your tahini is already spoiled?


A spoiled tahini will have a nasty smell and taste. If your nose is clear, you can immediately identify a rancid tahini’s smell. Though some tahini can be still safe for consumption even it smells, but it won’t taste as good as a new one.

Some people would worry when they would see oil on their tahini. This is not a sign that your tahini’s spoiled, just a little stirring will do the trick. Don’t panic when oil separation occurs, as this is common, even with some of your other spreads. The oil separation is completely normal.

If ever your tahini will have a funny smell, throw it away immediately. Just remember that when your tahini still pass the smell test, then it’s still good.


How can You store Tahini properly?


While it is logical to store tahini in the fridge, this however causes your tahini to go rigid. This will make your tahini difficult to mix with other ingredients, as its consistency is now different. It would be advisable that you stir your tahini well before refrigerating. Also, check whether the type of tahini you’re using is good for refrigeration. Some types of tahini are better stored at room temperature.


Always remember to check your tahini’s label. Check how long can you store it, and what would be the best way to store it. Also, once you’ve opened your tahini, make sure when you store it, the container is airtight.

So, there you go, hope I have answered all your questions about tahini spoilage, signs if it’s spoiled and how to store it properly.

Does Tahini Spoil
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Does Tahini Spoil
It comes to a point that we'd buy too much tahini & we have to ask ourselves, does tahini spoil? If it does, how would I know and how can I store it?