Saturday, July 20

Can you Freeze Tahini Sauce?

We have all had that jar of Tahini bought for the occasional Hummus. Tahini is loved by everyone, with its enjoyable nutty texture based on sesame seeds. It is a common ingredient in many middle-eastern recipes, and used mostly in small amounts. But we usually buy them in jars or make them in bulk, the problem now is, can you freeze tahini sauce?


Well we’ve good news. There is no need to discard those half used jars. Tahini can remain fresh for long, and here are few details to focus on while you prepare to store it.



How to Freeze Tahini


Freezing Tahini is as straightforward as it can be. You might need freezer bags or an ice tray optionally.


Here are some ways to do that.


  • Tahini can be directly frozen in the jar it came in. Make sure the jar is not completely full to make room for expansion on freezing.
  • If the jar is not air-tight, place a plastic cover over the lid to prevent the odor from spreading.



If you use the paste frequently, re-freezing scenario will occur. This is not a safe practice. The following tips cover workarounds to prevent that.


  • Place the Tahini into freezer bags. Serving sized bags are recommended. This way, only the required amount is taken out during usage. Don’t fill all the way, as paste expands on freezing.
  • Place the paste into ice tray. Freeze. Pull out the cubes and place into re-sealable plastic bags of any size. Here, bags of any size can be used.
  • Place a sheet of plastic wrap on the table. Line the paste over the wrap and roll over. Repeat.
  • Upon requirement, any of the rolls can be used. One can also cut the rolls further, if lesser amount is required.



Enjoy your Tahini paste around the year with these tips. If you think it helped, share it with your friends and family.