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What is Roasted Tahini?

Sesame seeds smells good even when raw. How much more are the roasted ones? The aroma of sesame seeds being roasted makes me drool, how about you? Let’s learn how to roast these seeds without getting burnt. Which you think is better? The raw or roasted? Do you know what is roasted tahini? Let’s find out!


Tahini can be achieved by either boiling it or smashing hulled sesame seeds. Mostly, tahinis are called sesame butter or paste. Sesame seeds are undoubtedly rich in calcium, protein, omega-3 and omega-6. When they turned into paste, it’s easier for our body to absorb these nutrients which is essential for us. But when we roast these sesame seeds, it can destroy those nutrients.


There are options available at store when you decide to purchase one. Another choice you have to made, aside from hulled or unhalled, were raw or roasted sesame seeds. Obviously, raw tahini contains more sufficient nutrients compared to the roasted tahinis. This means raw is a better choice. As much as possible, special as a vegan, you need to make sure that there were no preservatives added or other unhealthy ingredients in your tahini. Most of us prefer the healthier one, but still there are few people chose the other for some personal reasons. As we all know, roasted or toasted raw tahinis results in a better and nuttier taste.

What is Roasted Tahini?

What is Roasted Tahini?


Here are few steps in roasting/toasting raw sesame seeds.


Toasted Tahini:

  •         Preheat the pan on the stove in a medium heat leave. Once the pan is hot enough, put the raw sesame seeds.
  •         Stir them every now and then to prevent from burning.
  •         Toast until the seeds turns into a lighter color and has a fragrant aroma.
  •         After 5 minutes, transfer it into a big plate or any container, spread and let it cool.


Roasted Tahini:

  •         Preheat oven at 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  •         While waiting, spread the sesame seeds in a baking sheet.
  •         Stir the sesame seeds twice until lighter in color and has an aromatic smell.
  •         After 5 minutes, spread the roasted sesame seeds in a large container and let it cool.


If you’re not too conscious with the health benefits of roasted tahinis, you should give it a try. Who doesn’t love the smell of roasted sesame seeds, right?



What is Roasted Tahini?
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What is Roasted Tahini?
There are different kinds of tahini, and one of which is roasted tahini. Want to know why is it called roasted? Well, read on.