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Tahini at Whole Foods

Whole Foods Market is one of the well-known companies. This was discovered by four business-minded people who loves to sell organic foods to the people. This originated in Austin, Texas. The owners of Safer Way Natural Foods (Lawson Hardy and John Mackey) and Clarksville Natural Grocery (Craig Weller and Mark Skiles) decided to combine their business and form a supermarket full of fresh and organic foods. It was an immediate success for them, their success escalated quickly. So, can you find tahini at Whole Foods Market?


Tahini at Whole Foods


They serve the finest natural and organic foods available; they always maintain strict quality standards for its industry, and a strong foundation in committing agricultural product sustainability. In addition to it, they make your shopping experience fun and more exciting.


In this supermarket, healthy means more and more. It breaks boundaries for its customers, who either seeks for something out of ordinary or just simply curious what it’s like living healthy. Where in your value as a consumer, is valued. The customers, suppliers, and employees are the backbone of this said company, which motivates them to be always at its best every single day.


And since you’re valuable for them, they promise to offer you the highest quality of natural and organic foods. This means strict compliance to meet the standard and goal of this company. Int his company, artificial preservatives, pesticides in veggies, and medicine in poultry meat don’t have space in this company. They don’t sell random stuffs, just healthy and natural are allowed.


Tahini at Whole Foods


They offer organics both from local and overseas. As their company becomes bigger, your community can be also benefited not only the service they offer, but also economic growth. As they expand, labor force is also increasing which leads to work opportunities for everyone.


One of the most popular organic and vegan food being offered around the world is the sesame seed butter or tahini paste. Tahini is a flexible and a versatile spread originally from Middle-Eastern countries. This paste is made from sesame seeds which is roasted or raw. Sesame seed butter is made from ground whole sesame seeds which are darker in colour, aromatic, a bit bitter and nuttier. And Tahini paste is milder than sesame seed butter and a bit sweet. It’s lighter in colour because it’s a hulled sesame seed. You can try both of them raw or roasted. Both of them are made out from sesame seeds. Sesame seeds are full of good stuff like antioxidants, vitamin E, vitamin Bs, and minerals. It has high content of calcium and protein, too. That’s why sesame seed is called a super food.



In Middle-Eastern and Asia countries, tahini is not new to their dishes. Almost all of the dishes they serve is made from tahini or mixed with it. Because of its versatility and flexibility you can do a lot with this condiment. It can be a spread to your pancakes or toasted bread. Makes your smoothie creamier and richer in taste. An important ingredient to your hummus dips, or can be a nutty dressing to your vegetable and fruit salads. Or a tahini yogurt sauce for you grilled meat. Not only that, it can take your favourite dessert into a whole new level like your ice cream, cakes, and cookies.


Make your dishes extraordinary by adding an all-natural and organic tahini which you can bought in this store! Grab one now!

Tahini at Whole Foods
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Tahini at Whole Foods
Whole Foods is a well known supermarket, and as their name suggests, they sell whole foods that are fresh and organic at most. Now wonder they also sell tahini.