Wednesday, July 24

The Amount of Carbohydrates in Tahini

More and more people are going crazy with the new sauce craze Tahini. A lot of people have been purchasing it in grocery stores or been making one in their homes. A lot of people does not know the amount of carbohydrates in tahini, though.


Many choose it as a substitute for their usual dip or even as a pasta sauce since Tahini has been proved to have several health benefits. It can help boost your immune system, releases antioxidants and others.


One good habit must one possess when taking anything by mouth is to check its nutritional facts. Have you ever thought about the amount of carbohydrates in it? In this article, we’ll tackle about how many carbs you take in with different servings of it.



What are carbohydrates?


We have heard about carbs over and over again, but do you really know what it is?


Carbohydrates are the accumulated amount of fiber, sugar, and starches in the food we eat. Foods rich in carbs include rice, bread or potatoes. It may often be conceived as a ‘bad’ nutrition for those with strict diets, but carbohydrates my friend is essential for our health.


Carbohydrates is one of the macronutrients like others are fats and protein. These are essential in our body as they are our primary source of energy. Our bodies don’t produce macronutrients that are why it’s important to eat food with such nutrients.


They function as our body’s energy source and may help enable metabolism. It’s also good for the brain function.


According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), a person’s ideal carb intake in adults is 135 grams. It should be between 45% and 65% of one’s total calorie intake. A gram of carb is equal to 4 calories.



Tahini Carbs


The tahini carbs differ in its serving.


To use the usual serving of it, here are its carbs total


Ø For every one (1) teaspoon serving of tahini,

Net Carbohydrates (grams) – 0.56 g

Sugar (grams) – 0.02 g

Fiber (grams) – 0.5 g

TOTAL CARBS – 1.06 g


Ø For every one (1) tablespoon serving of tahini,

Net Carbohydrates (grams) – 1.78 g

Sugar (grams) – 0.07 g

Fiber (grams) – 1.4 g

TOTAL CARBS – 3.18 g


Ø For every ¼ cup serving of tahini,

Net Carbohydrates (grams) – 7.11 g

Sugar (grams) – 0.29 g

Fiber (grams) – 5.6 g

TOTAL CARBS – 12.71 g


Ø For every 1 oz. Serving of tahini,

Net Carbohydrates (grams) – 3.41 g

Sugar (grams) – 0.14 g

Fiber (grams) – 2.6 g

TOTAL CARBS – 6.01 g


For other types of tahini, here are their total carbs.

For every one (1) tablespoon serving of:

Ø Sesame Butter Seeds

Net Carbohydrates (grams) – 2.52 g

Sugar (grams) –

Fiber (grams) – 0.7 g

TOTAL CARBS – 3.22 g


Ø Unroasted Sesame Kernels

Net Carbohydrates (grams) – 1.20 g

Sugar (grams) –

Fiber (grams) – 1.3 g

TOTAL CARBS – 2.50 g

Ø Roasted and Toasted Sesame Kernels

Net Carbohydrates (grams) – 1.78 g

Sugar (grams) – 0.07 g

Fiber (grams) – 1.4 g

TOTAL CARBS – 3.18 g


Ø Raw and Stone Ground Sesame Kernels

Net Carbohydrates (grams) – 2.53 g

Sugar (grams) –

Fiber (grams) – 1.4 g

TOTAL CARBS – 3.93 g


For whatever you eat you should always know how to check your nutritional intake daily. This is to fully control your weight and keep your body healthy. Always be reminded that too much of something is bad. Whether it’s a therapeutic food like tahini, you should always keep track of what you intake.