Saturday, July 20

What is Tahini made out of?

Tahini’s tasty and healthy. Whatever you do with it, or whatever you pair with it, you’d always end up with a great dish. It’s just so healthy that you won’t feel guilty engorging yourself on it. Now, you and I both know that it is a wonder what is tahini made out of? What’s the secret ingredient of this wonder paste?


What is Tahini’s secret ingredient?


The tahini is made out of sesame seeds. These seeds are toasted ground hulled sesame seeds. The seeds are soaked in water and ground after. They ground the seeds after to separate the bran.



Some tahinis are made from hulled sesame seed or unhulled ones. It’s ground according to the maker’s preferred consistency. Sometimes, fresh juices are added, or oils like olive oil. Spices are also added at times.


Some companies go for unique seeds like the ones grown in South America. Some manufacturers preferred their own grown sesame seeds.


You can serve tahini as a spread for your sliced breads. You can also serve it as a dip alone for your bread sticks. You can make a better tasting if you’d mix it other ingredients. You can also make it as a component of your hummus, halva, or ghanoush.



Now you know what is tahini made out of. Surely, you can never go wrong with tahini. Whatever ingredient is put into it, you’d always have a great sauce in your hands. Enjoy and stay healthy!